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Sly Fish

4.4 ( 304 ratings )
게임 액션 아케이드
개발자: Ketan Koradia
0.99 USD

Its time to become one of the worlds best spies! Collect all the coins hidden throughout the different levels by passing through the weird and crazy obstacles. Logic and timing are everything in this action-packed game. Dont forget to have fun and after you have finished all the levels, play the freestyle mode!

Features 64 hand-designed levels, many crazy obstacles including lasers, sharks, and portals, an endless time-based mode in which you try to get the best score possible, and of course many hours of fun!


Collect the valuable coins maneuvering around the dangerous obstacles
Two game modes: "Levels" and "Freestyle" adds to the endless replay value
For levels, the shorter the time, the better the score
For freestyle, the longer you survive, the more powerful the characters will become and the more points you will win

** Atleast iPad 2, iPhone 4, or iPod Touch (4th gen) or newer recommended to play Freestyle mode **